The Bed Bug Inferno™ is the only flow through commercial heat treatment system/process that allows you to kill your unwanted pests, and be able to save and retain your valuable furniture. It uses technology developed to meet vigorous ISPM-15 guidelines for heat treating wood based material for export. The heat treatment process is tracked with electronic heat sensors throughout the kill cycle to ensure your harmful pests are  destroyed.

  • One simple switch will activate the machine to preheat and function. The heat is controlled by a control panel enclosure that also controls speed and air flow. This can be adjusted easily by using a digital programmable inverter inside the panel
  • The travel speed can be easily adjusted
  • Machine will come up to temperature (380ᵒ- 420ᵒF) in about a half an hour
  • Stacked furniture are set on a feed deck and travel through an entrance door into the oven and exits in approximately 75 minutes
  • There are emergency stops on both ends of the machine
  • Machine heat treats approximately a 5 x 25’ print per hour
  • Based on furniture size, the machine can treat multiple rooms per hour
  • You can save your mattress, favorite couch and fine furniture
  • No harmful residues
  • Machine comes with parts and operation manual.
  • While furniture is being treated, room(s) can be effectively treated for remaining pests using standard chemical treatments
  • Factors that affect heat treating cycle time:
    • Temperature surrounding oven
    • Temperature of furniture


  • This system allows you to save valuable bedding and furniture without harmful residues.
  • 100% Effective – one time heat treatment.
  • Treat multiple rooms or a full household in a day.
  • By being setup for mobile transport, you can bring the solution directly to the site.
  • With its small footprint, it can have a permanent installation to continually cycle highly.


The Bed Bug Inferno™ Is The Right, Cost Effective Choice To Heat Treating Unwanted Pests.